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What you should know about us

Who we are …

We are a team of designers that is mainly available to small and medium businesses, individuals, startups, freelancers & co in the field of marketing. And this already for over 20 years!
Our goal is to help you succeed! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, we will give you the best advice for your web projects or if you want to have an online store created. This gives you the necessary freedom to concentrate on what is most important to you: Your core business.

… and what we do!

We help you to develop the optimal web concept for you. A solution that precisely meets your goals, but most importantly, your budget. Special attention is paid to the fact that each of our website is designed individually and with an appropriate recognition value, texts and images. Content management in the frontend is as much in focus as the technical implementation of the website design, in the background. And you will always have a personal contact person at your side.

You are therefore guaranteed not to receive an off-the-shelf website, but a solution beyond common modular systems!

The complete web package for you

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Idea and concept

Idea & Concept

It always starts with a good idea. But good ideas are often difficult to implement. Above all, it requires experience, know-how and the necessary skills.



After successful planning, the implementation of your desired design takes place. From the hands of professionals from our team, all wishes take shape.


CMS system

CMS systems are an essential part of modern websites. A suitable system, ensures that you can maintain your website yourself.



Search engine optimization makes sense even for the smallest of companies. Professional SEO provides you with the best hits for your products,

Rent website - Rent homepage - Pagesubstanz

With us as of now

Rent homepage

A professional website is usually expensive, which is why both small business owners and already established companies are now increasingly looking for alternatives.

We have the perfect solution for this. Rent instead of buy;

Rent a homepage
You get full service (website creation, maintenance and much more) for a reasonable price per month! – The perfect web design for small and medium businesses, individuals, startups, freelancers & co…

Other services

Corporate IDentity

With an outstanding logo design, you lay the foundation for your business success. Our designers will create your suitable company logo based on your experience and of course according to your wishes.

Corporate Design

The consistent implementation of your new corporate identity! Whether for your business cards, your business stationery and of course for their website. Just ask us, we will be happy to advise you!

Our artist discount

Pagesubstanz offers an individual discount for artists for all artists, like painters, actors, musicians and co. What is the discount? This is individually tailored to the artist. It is possible, for example, more services at a lower price, or a discount on the whole project.

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