Want more clicks? – Link building makes it possible

…Then you need more links.


Link building

One of the most important tasks in search engine optimisation. The main task of search engines is to explore and interpret websites. Links play an important role for search bots. If you look at a website as a traffic map, links are the individual roads that connect the different points. Search engines use these links to categorise the information on the internet and rank it according to relevance.

Getting good links can not only be tedious, but sometimes very difficult.

That’s why many link systems have now formed on the internet. Among them are paid links, mass entries, link farms, paid ratings in blogs, automated three-way entries, backlinks and other networks.

Website operators who use such techniques break the guidelines of the major search engines. You always run the risk that your site will be devalued by the search engines or even removed from the index. If you want to have long-term success with your project and do not have any experience in this area, you are advised not to use such methods.

What to consider when building links:

Link quality

A link is not just a link! Years ago, links in web catalogues, backlinks and entries via three corners promised reputation, but today they are rather duds. These types of links currently bring a rather insignificant percentage of traffic to your site, if any at all. The danger of being caught by the search engines with backlinks is relatively high.

Relevance of the link

Relevance is what counts! As a general rule, stay away from pages that have a high PR (page rank) but are not topics relevant to the website. Search engines are able to detect so-called link orgies and penalise your website in the position of the search results. This would put the website at risk of being excluded from the top search results for several months or longer.

Blog links

It is easy to publish a blog or blog network. Meanwhile, there are many blog networks that only have the purpose of linking. There are sometimes recommendations for purchases or certain hotels are recommended, for example. It is easy for search engines to recognise these and to downgrade the linked pages sooner or later.