What is search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is focused on the visibility of web presences. Although the search engine algorithm changes several times over the years, we constantly adhere to ethical and innovative strategies. It has been proven time and time again that it is sustainably the best way to make web projects a success.

As a partner, we can not only help you increase visibility on the web, but also help you achieve a consistently better close rate.

Many people see search engine optimization – SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as a kind of application. But there is much more behind it. Through years of experience with algorithms of search engines such as Google, we are not only able to make your website more popular, but also to positively influence the position of your Internet presence in the Google search results, for example.

But what does search engine optimization – SEO measures?

Simply put, it’s about making websites or individual web pages more relevant in the eyes of search engines, so that they become better known and get higher rankings in search results.

This is to realize the intention of getting more targeted visitors to your homepage.

And how does search engine optimization – SEO work?

The task of search engines is to display the most relevant results to their users in relation to the search queries entered.

Due to the now immense number of topic-relevant websites, search engine optimization consists of strengthening websites in their importance. This makes it necessary to have content on each part of the website that is specific to the topic, and also to have good link building.