Then you need more links.


Link building

One of the most important tasks in search engine optimization. The main task of search engines is to explore and interpret web pages. Links play an important role for search bots. If you think of a web page as a traffic map, links are the individual roads that connect the various points. In order to categorize the information of the Internet and rank it according to relevance, search engines use these links.

Getting good links can not only be tedious, but sometimes very difficult.

What to consider when building links in general:

Link quality

A link is not just a link! While links in web catalogs, backlinks and entries via three corners promised reputation years ago, they are rather duds today. These types of links currently bring a rather insignificant percentage of traffic, if any, to your site. The risk of being caught by the search engines on backlinks is relatively high in relation.

Relevance of the link

Relevance is what matters! Basically, stay away from pages that have a high PR (page rank) but are not topics relevant to the website. Search engines are able to detect so-called link orgies and penalize your website in the position of search results. In doing so, the website would be at risk of being excluded from the top search results for several months or longer.

Blog links

It is easy to publish a blog or blog network. Meanwhile, there are many blog networks that have only the purpose of linking. There are sometimes purchase recommendations or, for example, certain hotels are recommended. It is easy for search engines to recognize them and sooner or later downgrade the linked pages.