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Development and maintenance of your homepage - from the idea up to Google registration

Web design for your professional internet presence

Responsive Design
and optionally the maintenance of your homepage.



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we will be pleased to register your domain.


Content Management System (CMS)


Search Engine Optimization

Google’s submission, Open Graph Meta Data, keyword research, onpage optimisation and meta description of your website.


New! - Rent a website

A professional website is expensive to buy, which is why small business owners are looking for alternatives. That’s why we now offer the possibility to simply rent a website.



Inclusion of the DSGVO (data protection regulation for Europe) on your homepage. In cooperation with a law firm.



Regular updates in the background to keep the website running. And also backups so that nothing gets lost.

What is web design

Homepage design extends from conception to design and programming. The design of a website starts with the choice of colours, fonts and images that appear on the website.

For a pleasant website design of your homepage, there are two variants: the visual one. This includes graphics, appropriate fonts and images with various effects that are designed for a specific task. The other variant is the content design. This is about the fonts and text elements that should look structured and build on each other.

Good web design comes from creating visible elements that fit the task.

– the reader a nice, pleasant layout
– the reader a tidy design
– giving the reader a good result
– giving the reader a good overview

Web design is especially good when the reader can easily and clearly take in the information on the screen. The layout of the homepage should be tidy and simple so that the reader is not confused and therefore stops wanting to read the information further.

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What is search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is focused on the visibility of web presences. Although the search engine algorithm has changed several times over the years, we constantly adhere to ethical and innovative strategies. It has been proven time and time again that it is the best method to lead web projects to success in the long term.

As a partner, we can not only help you increase visibility on the web, but also help you achieve a consistently better close rate.

Many people see search engine optimisation (SEO) as an application. However, there is much more behind it. Through years of experience with the algorithms of search engines such as Google, we are not only able to make your website better known, but also to positively influence the position of your internet presence in the Google search results, for example.

But what does search engine optimisation – SEO measures – mean?

Simply put, it is about making websites or individual internet pages more relevant in the eyes of search engines, so that they become better known and receive a higher ranking in the search results. The aim is to get more visitors to your homepage in a targeted manner.

And how does search engine optimisation – SEO – work?

The task of search engines is to show their users the most relevant results in relation to the search queries entered.

Due to the immense number of thematically relevant websites in the meantime, search engine optimisation consists of strengthening websites in their importance. This makes it necessary that content on every part of the website contains topic-specific information and that there is also good link building.


Website prices and packages

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