Web design error

are frequent and easy to make. But if you make any, you decrease the chance of creating a responsive website. In this little guide, we’ll give you an overview of the five most common web design mistakes so you can avoid them.

You should first know what kind of web design you want. Then you can start planning your homepage.

Here now some web design mistakes:

1. the obsolete Flash

2. too many images

3. too many internal links

4. wrong color scheme

5. the font

The first mistake is the use of Flash. The thing is that Flash has been discontinued by Adobe. Flash is a program used to display animations on a website. It slows down a homepage and is also not up to date. It was eventually replaced by HTML 5.

The second web design mistake, which often occurs, is the use of many graphics. Too many graphics will make your website look chaotic and disorganized.

The third mistake is having too many links. Too many links can make it difficult to navigate your website.

The fourth mistake is using the wrong color scheme. You should use a light or dark background for your website. A light background can be used for a blog, or even for a store, while a dark background can be used for portfolio pages with galleries or videos.

The last mistake is using the wrong font. Many fonts are not displayed in the browser, if you do not know which font to use, you can always resort to Google fonts. These are always compatible.

In conclusion, we have covered the five most common web design mistakes in this guide. So if you are designing a website for the first time, then this blog can help you avoid such mistakes.